Image Grabber

This is an application I made to help me make articles just like this one! You can download it for free from:

This is a Windows application made in .NET (Framework)

how does it help?

Very simple really, if you ever take screen shots when composing blog articles, as I’m doing now, you may use the Snipping Tool (Windows) or some other tool to capture the screen. In any case, if you find yourself saving the images before uploading them to WordPress, then this app could help save you time

Here is a screenshot:

Image Grabber screenshot

When run (and enabled) the application checks the clipboard every 3 seconds. If it detects an image on the clipboard, it saves it to the directory set by the user, and uses the date time in the filename (optionally). It then clears the clipboard ready for the next capture

In WordPress, when adding an image, clicking Upload will open the image directory (may have to navigate to it the first time, but WordPress kindly remembers it)

Usefully, because of the datetime that has been added into the file name, the file is always found at the bottom of the files in the destination folder!

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